4 tips to deal with difficult students in class

Teaching students in the class can be a challenge. It is very difficult to manage all the students in the class. There are some students who are very inattentive and naughty. They don’t hear what the teacher says and disturbs the entire class. If you are a teacher and struggling to manage your class then here are some tips that can help you.

Have some classroom rules

You should set up some strict rules for the classroom from the first day. You should tell the students how you want them to behave in class. You should also tell them what will be the outcome if they don’t listen to you.

Be caring

The students should feel that you care for them. Even if they disturb in the class or do something they are not supposed to do, you shouldn’t criticize them in front of others. You should tell them politely that such behavior is not expected. Don’t yell at the students.

Make the unruly students the leader

You should give the naughty students lots of responsibilities. You can make them the class monitor or the homework collectors. This way they will be distracted from their naughty activities.

Give reward for good behavior

There are some good students in class too. You should reward these good students. This will motivate the naughty students to change their behavior. Reward can be praising the student for good behavior. You can also give good students extra mark for class participation.


If you still find it difficult to manage the student, you should inform the parents. You should work out a plan with the parents to manage the unruly students.

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