OntheCulture.com was founded by columnist and author Marybeth Hicks to offer American women insights and information about the things that matter most: politics, culture, media, trends, parenting, relationships, family, faith and freedom.  Bringing together a stable of national writers from every phase of womanhood, OntheCulture.com explores experiences and issues that impact families and shape our communities. From the day’s political headlines to trending topics and pop culture phenoms, OntheCulture.com chronicles and analyzes American culture with wit and wisdom, smarts and sass.


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  1. Regina Gulick

    So glad to have found this site. Y’all are an impressive bunch! Politics, culture, media, trends, relationships, faith, family, freedom–these are precisely the topics most important to women. Thanks for not relegating women’s issues to birth control, abortion “rights,” men and appearance. Ill keep reading.

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