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There are tons of great videos out there from people of every stripe, discussing politics by reasoning and advocating for positions on both sides of the aisle.  With the election upcoming and talk centering on the “Ladyparts” of the coveted female electorate, I’d like to redirect the discussion to something of substance to many women: Conservatism.  That unflinching allegiance to principles that defy party and stand firm as a bedrock for women of faith, women of conscience, women of all backgrounds who utilize their precious time working towards a greater good.

I had an interesting question from a listener to a radio program that I guest contribute to weekly: “Why are YOU a Conservative?”  I had 45 seconds to squeeze an answer in before the break, so I listed a few principles.  Yet, I felt the need to expound a bit more.  So off I went.  To my living room.  The following is the result:

There have been times when I have seriously questioned the impact of this video.  It’s only been viewed by around 10,000 people on the two different platforms it’s posted on.  And the hateful comments from those on the left have been steady, relentless and disheartening.  In the midst of one of these doubting moments, I received an email from a YouTube viewer.  She simply stated:

“Thank you for having the courage to stand publicly for your beliefs.  After watching your video I’m coming out as a conservative too.”

Another viewer credited me with changing his mind on voting for Democrats.  So, perhaps there’s meaning in the quick video shot in my living room, chatting with no script on why I’ve ceased to pull the lever for the Democrats!  Some Liberals lament the fact that my political affiliation has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my race.  I find that intolerant.  After considering the positive effects of this little video, I now welcome the hate mail.  It means the left is watching and they cannot fathom why I would believe what I believe.

The explanation for my staunch conservatism is rooted in one of my favorite political books:  5000 Year Leap Principles in Freedom 101 by Leon Clousen.  I encourage any newly minted conservative to read it and revel in the care and detail that the Founders poured into creating the only Constitutionally based Democratic Republic on the planet.  Here is my favorite quote:

Therefore Law is the distinction between things just and unjust, made in agreement with that primal and most ancient of all things, Nature; and in conformity to Nature’s standard are framed those human laws which inflict punishment upon the wicked and protect the good.


But if the principles of Justice were founded on the decrees of peoples, the edicts of princes, or the decision of judges, then Justice would sanction robbery and adultery and forgery of wills, in case these acts were approved by the votes or decrees of the populace. But if so great a power belongs to the decision and decrees of fools that the laws of Nature can be changed by their votes, then why do they not ordain that what is bad and baneful shall be considered good and salutary? Or, if a law can make Justice injustice can it not also make good out of bad?

So you see, this differs greatly from the current iteration of the Democrat party, that places the will of the emotionally stunted and immature far left over Natural Law and the will of the people.  Not much choice there, as I would rather align myself with my values as I strive to attain a better life for my children and by extension my country.

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Stacy Washington is a fourth generation military veteran and popular conservative radio and TV commentator known for her views on education reform and pro-life issues. She's making her way in the heart of the Midwest with the help of her husband, three kiddos, StormCloud Greybunny (a rabbit), and Snowball, possibly the cutest Maltese puppy of all time. Find her online at

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  1. Thank you Stacey. From your video I made a list of question for my die hard democratic friends and family. Which won’t surprise me when they unknowingly agree with the conservative platform. I’ve already tried it once , and at the reveal of which party he most agreed with… . Low and behold they said hmmm I must be republican. My husband who”tries to stay out of it” (that’s another story) was also impressed , and stated that people really don’t know . I think I shed some light on his prospective. Finally! One point that I loved that you made was why because I am black that I have to be democrat. That was clear to me but what really what hit home is other races are not expected to BE blah blah blah party . Why should we? I’m not sure how many friends I will lose this election but I sure lost some at the last election. I’m not trying to lose any friends but I do want to educated them. If that means not being popular SO BE IT!

  2. Loved you’re video Stacy. I agree with you. I get all the time that Republicans are racist, and that I shoudl be democrat. It’s false. I think liberals are more racist, because they keep minorities down with their government programs. I am biracial, I came from the ghetto, and I made it out because I DIDN’T rely on a democrat to help me. When I was younger I was a democrat, and then when I began to work my way out of poverty I realized that it wasn’t the ideologies of the Republican keeping people poor, but of the Democrats. The democrats through out history have oppressed. I quickly switched parties once I realized that the Republican party shared my same views and beliefs. My beliefs weren’t taught in a classroom, because we all know how schools are bias and lean towards liberals. But I learned the difference in parties by living a hard life, and fighting against the forces that wanted to keep me poor. I believe in a free America, the right to bare arms, pro-life, and the right to be as successful as I want to be. The first time that our government tells me, or my children, that I can only be as successful as they will allow me to be, is when I’m out of here. Thank you for sharing, I am very happy that you have your blog, and your videos.

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