Stacy: Same sex marriage opens possibility of more than two parents?

In our socially progressive, anything-goes-as-long-as-your-feelings-don’t-get-hurt, post-modern America, it should come as no shock that some child is faced in the unenviable task of position three parents.  Yes, two moms and a dad for one very unfortunate child.  At the end of the month, that may very well be the case in, you guessed it California, the land of the inane and ridiculous.


Children of lesbian couples may have two “mothers,” but it’s obviously impossible for a child to be conceived without a father. The same is true for homosexual men; every child is born of a mother, even if the male couple deems her simply utilitarian in nature.


California state Senator Mark Leno introduced the legislation expanding parenthood earlier this year when he learned of the unfortunate plight of a young girl named M.C. The little girl’s biological mother is a lesbian who is “married” to another woman. The state recognizes the two women as M.C’s parents, but the youngster suddenly found herself in an even more precarious position when her biological mother went to prison and her other “mother” was hospitalized.


In a day she went from having two “mothers” to having none, at least practically speaking.


The circumstances are very disturbing. The biological mother went to jail because her boyfriend stabbed the other “mother.”

Now before you go and get all wee weed up over my “intolerance,” know this: conservatives called it!  Many voices on the right have been warning for years that same sex marriage would result in calls for plural marriage very soon after.  Because if marriage isn’t just one specific thing: one man – one woman, then it’s really everything!  Any configuration that you can conjure is a possibility because people are in love.  And they mean it, so they will brook no refusal.

And caught up in all of this madness are the very ones that so need our protection: children.  Our laws should never place the sexual desires and childish requirements of so-called adults before the well-being of children.  That is exactly what is happening to this child in California.  And once that law passes, creating a legal precedent for plural parentage, expect more pandemonium as children are parsed and the numbers of legal parents swell to meet the whims of every adolescent minded, sexually confused, semi-fertile adult in this country.  Viva la Freedom!

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  1. Thank you. Your comment about the “plural marriage” is the one I’ve been waiting for people to get. If we throw out the traditional definition of marriage, we open up a big can of worms. If I was a polygamist, I’d be all over this thing claiming that multiple spouses should be perfectly legal. Whose to say their feelings of loving more than one spouse is any crazier than two men loving each other? To go even further, when are sexual predators going to start insisting that if same sex marriage is ok because “well, they are just different”, whose to say what is “normal”? This whole thing could get really out of hand quick. Oh, sorry, it already has.

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