Stacy: Kathy Griffin’s below the belt comedy displays cracks in the culture

There’s just not an appropriate way to describe Kathy Griffin’s behavior with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on New Years Eve. To put it simply, she kissed Cooper’s crotch repeatedly. Cooper tried to restrain her but she never missed a beat; completely derailing an already tragic appearance.

Admittedly, I haven’t watched the broadcast since the very first one she co- hosted, as she disgusts me. Her comedy is of such a poor quality, lacking morals or any semblance of preparation that there really wasn’t any reason to waste time on the show once she joined. Still, I was surprised to see the news reports of this behavior. Where is the decency? What is the reason that the network didn’t cut away and admonish her to stop?

My instincts tell me that she doesn’t have to behave on CNN because they don’t want her to. CNN”s executives simply do not care who is offended by Griffin, because their ratings go up when she brandishes her low brow brand of crazy. Yet, that doesn’t even begin to fully explain the lack of reprisal.  This is an example of how little our society values chaste proper decorum, how debased our society has become.

Notably, CNN has been in the news of late for their low ratings. So offending even more Americans than their left wing, unabashedly biased reporting already has seems idiotic. But it isn’t in their case, because they simply have no level by which to judge behaviors. CNN permits this because they see nothing wrong with it, and no one is complaining.

This is a symptom of a cracked Culture. Lax sexual behavior is brazenly displayed and the public doesn’t rise up to rebuke it, because the public has already been desensitized to a level that permits even further degradation.

Apparently we need a men’s organization equivalent to the National Organization for Women to hold press conferences and sue female TV hosts for sexually harassing their male co- hosts to get the proper response here.

As preposterous as that sounds, if it would stop Griffin, I would be all for it.

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  1. Who in the world thinks she’s funny? I would be amazed if their New Year’s Eve show had even one viewer.

  2. She is so crude. She is not a lady!

  3. Apparently, women now have the right to treat men as badly as we used to accuse them of treating us.

    I can hear the other side already – “Whaddaya mean? This is nothing! It was all in fun! It was a joke! Get over it! She was just playin’!”

    It’s sad that we’ve fallen this far into the gutter – half of us don’t even recognize “nasty” or “vile” when we see it, any more.

  4. If the rolls were reversed and he had kissed her crotch, they would’ve panned away, taken him off the air, fired him and then sued him.

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