Stacy: It’s so easy to trick the mind’s eye

When you see an NRA sign what do you think?  What do you feel when you see the Planned Parenthood logo?  Do certain images create a visceral reaction?  For many Americans, they do.  Why is that?  What drives these almost innate reactions?  We need to get some clarity on what we see, how we process that and how we should think about things.  This entire post was inspired by this Graphic Interchange Format.   Click on ti picture and watch the .gif all the way through.

Do you see what they did there?  By using images of celebrities with different eyes shapes and levels of contrast and then juxtaposing them in a certain manner, the creators of this gif were able to fool my minds eye into seeing cartoonish caricatures of these stars without drawing a single cartoon.  So you see the media, politicians, any person with an agenda can fool your mind’s eye into seeing a wonderful friend and neighbor that owns a gun into a scary hateful person that might kill you.

Or abortion advocates can use mental imagery, coupled with language to convince you that abortion mill Planned Parenthood is truly a place where women and young children get education on not becoming pregnant, instead of the truth: Planned Parenthood has a mandate of three  abortions for every woman of childbearing years in America.  In the black community, they are close to achieving this mandate.

Mental imagery and selective usage of inflammatory language are artful effective tools of experts in shaping public opinion.  Being an informed, astute, well versed citizen can prevent you from falling victim to having your mind controlled by people that could care less about what your needs are.

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Stacy Washington is a fourth generation military veteran and popular conservative radio and TV commentator known for her views on education reform and pro-life issues. She's making her way in the heart of the Midwest with the help of her husband, three kiddos, StormCloud Greybunny (a rabbit), and Snowball, possibly the cutest Maltese puppy of all time. Find her online at

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