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So before I begin this rant, I’ll start off by telling a little known truth: I actually like Ann Coulter.  I also am regularly incensed at her for making what appear to be inane and insensitive comments about everything and anything having to do with race. As a recovering liberal (because vestiges of my old race-card-tossing-self have not been completely eradicated), I feel my ire rise whenever Ann goes to that place.

Her most recent foray into the garden of my angst began with a visit to Fox News to chat up Steve Doocy about her latest book, “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the 70’s to Obama.”  In it, she catalogs the Left’s penchant for making everything about race, especially the stuff that clearly isn’t, and the inherently horrific effect that this has had on the Black community.

As is her way, Ann is filled to the brim with salient facts that beautifully prove her thesis.  And I loved the bit where Doocy called out simple statements and Ann viciously declared them “RACIST.”  That was so accurate and funny.   Yet somehow when Ann discusses black people, something invariably goes wrong, even though she’s coming from a very honest place. Lets unpack the situation with care:

Now that you’ve taken that bit in for yourself, let’s get real.  She had me all the way up until she said that O’Donnel and Maher “date black gals, so they think they’re freedom riders.”  This may be the way that some whites that date women of color see themselves, as taking one for the team or some such nonsense, but I find it hard to believe that a woman wouldn’t see that and remove herself from a person that was using her in that way.

Should I go into how telling it is that Ann thinks the act of dating a black woman is so abhorrent that it makes a white man a pioneer of courage?  I won’t. But I will say this.  I’m seeing more and more interracial couples of the opposite variety than ever before.  Black women, with white men and little biracial children happily in tow.  More power to them.

As for Ann: we must not get bogged down discussing something so trivial.  And we black chicks like to be referred to as women, not gals.  I was honored last week, when Ann retweeted one of my tweets on Twitter, briefly elevating my timeline to a cause celeb.  So, in return I offer my time to update Ann on current language practice for referring to blacks.  It’s because I like her and that’s the truth.

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Stacy Washington is a fourth generation military veteran and popular conservative radio and TV commentator known for her views on education reform and pro-life issues. She's making her way in the heart of the Midwest with the help of her husband, three kiddos, StormCloud Greybunny (a rabbit), and Snowball, possibly the cutest Maltese puppy of all time. Find her online at

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  1. I like this. Well written and said Stacy!

  2. To me the “race card ” is a overplayed cliche that needs to be removed from conservatives vocabulary. We are all first and foremost Americans with all the same Constitutional rights. As a Christian ( I know liberals hate that word ) I have no room for any misuse of race. We are all made in God image and color or ethnic background doesn’t matter. We should always be proud of our ancesters and never ecuse anyone who abuses their God given rights and responsibilities. I am with you with Ann Coulter. She has a way of coming of a bit harsh and sometimes endowed with knowledge she can not have. It would be impossible because of her ancestry and that isn’t a bad thing. She just needs to leave out areas she has no business(as I ) talking about. I would never say I know how the Jews , Blacks or hispanics feel or think. My mother was a Cuban immigrant. Even so I can’t tell you I know how she felt on certain areas of what she went through. I know she hurt for those she left behind. I know it affected thee way she looked at the world and our country. One thing I can say. she loved this country , God and her family. She as I have a love for our freedoms because I had relatives I never got to know due to a tyrant. So vote this tyrant Obama out and let’s get back to the love of God, country and family.

  3. I enjoyed reading your take on Coulter, but I disagree strongly with your assertion that Coulter “thinks the act of dating a black woman is abhorrent”. That did not come across from her at all. Her comment about “Freedom Riders” seemed to be more of a condemnation of O’Donnell and Maher for behaving as though the simple act of dating black women is irrefutable proof that they are not racist. I have seen Maher make extremely offensive comments about race and race relations under the guise of comedy and/or liberalism.

  4. Not sure I agree that correct ‘language practice’ equals “not racist.” That’s the point Ann was trying to make: All these white commentators believe they have a stamp on their head that says ” I’m a liberal and that means I am not racist.” But still they lead lives without black people in them, with the exception of the occasional contact at work. But, I don’t think THAT is racist. Black people are living the same way. I don’t think THAT is racist. Maybe Bill Maher thinks a black girlfriend makes him incredibly not-racist. I DO think that is racist. Obviously, the n-word is, at the very minimum, not polite. But should we dissect every word a person utters? I think not.

    • I think whites are incredibly tired of blacks telling them what language is and is not acceptable.

      • Stacy Washington

        I think blacks are incredibly tired of hearing themselves referred to as any and every ridiculous thing on tv by self appointed “experts”. If a person puts themselves out in the public as an expert, then the correct terminology should be a part of their vernacular. If it isn’t then others in the public sphere will correct them.

    • Stacy Washington

      At this point, the dissecting is being done on the left, the right, the center. To behave as if the way we refer to other people doesn’t matter isn’t helpful. To nitpick every word a person says is equally non productive. I make it a point not to call out every improperly placed word or phrase. But in Ann’s case, she is particularly well versed and cranks out a book a month or so it seems. And if you read her work it’s clear that she has an incredibly sharp, witty mind and is capable of using the correct terminology when referring to anything, including minority groups if she so chooses. That is the point here.

      To your point about our segregated lives; just when will that change? When we decide to change it. Our children go to school together, but the social groups remain isolated by race. Kids notice and it makes black kids a bit jaded. I know – because my children are going through it now. The only way to begin to fix a problem is to first acknowledge it by naming it.

  5. I think Ann Coulter uses the word “gals” to refer to all women. It’s probably her dialect. I have relatives who have moved to other areas of the county and they start using different words. One who moved away now uses the word “gals” when referring to other women. No big deal.

  6. Well done, Stacy. Ann “gets my goat’, with her flippant remarks BUT her info is well documented and true. Now, if she could JUST rein in her tongue : )

  7. This is my new favorite website!! Woo Hoo!! Love it!
    For the record, I’m about as conservative as they come, but I just can’t stand to listen to AC. She’s just rude. As a conservative woman, I feel embarrassed when I see her on TV or hear her on the radio. She makes us all look really bas and liberals hold her up as the rule, not the exception. Of course wishy-washy, weak-minded women don’t want to be her–she’s scary.

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