Stacy: 13 Year old Girl grades the President and Romney

Jenny is a 13 year old 8th grader, with an assignment to be “Teacher for the Day.”  She chose to grade President Obama and Governor Romney on job performance, history, and ideas for improving the country.  She shares some of her own history and comments on the positive and negative aspects of the candidate and the incumbent.   Jenny’s assessment of ObamaCare is especially succinct and honestly posed.

I plan to show the video to my children as an example of how to present ideas cogently and forthrightly without being contentious.  Perhaps we adults could take a page out of Jenny’s book (myself included) on how to discuss politics without lobbing bombs.

As I watched this video, I was struck by the amount of analysis this teen employed in grading these two men on tough to comprehend issues such as the economy, the deficit, and energy.   To Jenny’s parents I say: Kudos!  You have a thinker on your hands.

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  1. She’s adorable AND awesome. :)

  2. And she’s amazingly articulate for a 13 year old! And her graphics skills, with that whiteboard on the side, are impeccable. Interesting how much she knows about the republican talking points, and how much she CARES! I’ve never heard of a 13-year old who has the understanding of politics and Romney’s track record, but, hey — it happens! She should hurry up and get a job as a video actress for a right wing propaganda arm — oh, maybe she already has.

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