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I must acknowledge that I’ve been a bit miffed.  Okay, Okay!  I’ve been in full on Miffed Out Mom mode.  With the election loss, ObamaCare’s implementation, higher taxes, things going on locally in my community, and the tragedy in Connecticut, things seem downright crappy.

Or so I allowed myself to think.  Is my life really that bad?  Have my circumstances diminished to that degree?  I’m pretty certain that they have not.  On the contrary, I have had a number of personal successes and overall life is pretty darned good — higher taxes not withstanding.

What brought about this new-found revelation?  A sermon at church.  Our pastor was admonishing us to examine what we are consuming to trace the source of any anxiety, sadness or hopelessness.   He even mentioned over-consumption of news as a possible cause and suggested a change of focus.

I took this in, knowing that a bit less news and a conscious effort to appreciate the little things would bring about immediate change.   Of course, the pastor was right.   A bit of Bible reading, reconnecting with friends, and unplugging from the numerous screens at home gave me a welcome sense of buoyancy.

A day or so later, a good friend posted a video on Facebook that offered the perfect antidote to negativity: laughter.  To quote the Bible, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22.

Dried up bones?  Sounds a bit like osteoporosis to me.  (As women, who among us needs that?)   Lets get to laughing!

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Stacy Washington is a fourth generation military veteran and popular conservative radio and TV commentator known for her views on education reform and pro-life issues. She's making her way in the heart of the Midwest with the help of her husband, three kiddos, StormCloud Greybunny (a rabbit), and Snowball, possibly the cutest Maltese puppy of all time. Find her online at

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