Marybeth: Classic dress fits Republican women, too

I’ll never forget the first dress I borrowed from my mom. She didn’t own lots of designer clothes, but back in the late 70’s she discovered Diane Von Furstenburg’s uber flattering wrap dress. With its deep “v” neckline, cinching waist belt, and flowing skirt, the wrap dress honored what was feminine and forgave the rest. And timeless? The dress is still on the racks and remains a staple in Von Furstenburg’s collections because it looks good on pretty much any woman.

Except Republicans! Last Thursday at an event in her New York City store, Von Furstenburg announced, “Everyone here better be a Democrat! No Republican’s!” She then urged the attendees to get right home and watch “her president” on TV.

Twitterers responded by noting that money isn’t blue or red, but green, and can be spent elsewhere, Diane.

I’d hate to think we’ve become a nation so divided that we can’t find common ground in a clothing store. And the reality is, Von Furstenburg is known for pithy quotes that make a lot of sense (“Just don’t go to a place that’s too expensive…it puts your husband in a bad mood.”)

Too bad for Diane that her dress looks great on women of all political points of view. Which reminds me to call my mom and ask whatever happened to that dress…


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