Marybeth Hicks – Editor

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Marybeth Hicks is a  columnist, author and speaker on politics, media, parenting, and the culture. Her most upcoming book is Teachable Moments: Using Everyday Encounters with Media and Culture to Instill Conscience, Character, and Faith, due in August 2014 from Howard Books. Find her at

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Lori Borgman

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Lori Borgman is a newspaper columnist, author and speaker. Author of the popular essay, “The Death of Common Sense,” her column is distributed to more than 300 papers throughout the United States and Canada. Her books include, “I Was a Better Mother Before I Had Kids, ”and “All Stressed Up and No Place to Go.” Lori and her husband, also a journalist, live in Indianapolis. They are the parents of three grown children and grandparents of four. Find her at

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Lynn Armitage

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Lynn  Armitage is a syndicated columnist, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, former editor and radio news producer. She began her writing career in Fourth Grade when she was asked this question on a test,  “Where is President Nixon right now?”  The correct answer was, “In China.”  Lynn drew a complete blank, but threw the dice and responded with, “In love,” earning her five extra bonus points. Lynn had found her life’s work. The owner of Rockin Cupcakes, Lynn is a single mom who lives in Northern California with the last teenage daughter left in the house. Find her at and

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Mary Gates

Mary Gates is a wife, mother to four kids (ages two to seven), and high school theology teacher.  In addition to marriage, motherhood, and teaching, she most enjoys coffee and a good run. Mary blogs about the blessed chaos of family life at

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Ursula Hennessey

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Ursula Hennessey homeschools two of her four children (a daughter with Down’s Syndrome is mainstreamed in the public schools; the baby is still a baby and not yet school age!) In prior lives, she was a sports journalist and an elementary school teacher. Find her at

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Betsy Hicks

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Betsy Hicks is sports reporter for the Lansing State Journal in Lansing, Michigan. A graduate of Wake Forest University with a degree in communications and journalism, she is currently working on a college memoir entitled Some Things I Learned For You. She once spent an entire summer watching Youtube videos, thus developing an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture.  Her first blog in high school,, got her in trouble with her AP Government teacher, but her snarky sense of humor is allowed here. Find her at

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