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Lynn: Texting is the new parenting


I’m exhausted. I just had a lengthy and very heated discussion with both my daughters — at the same time, … Continue reading

29. August 2014 by Lynn Armitage
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Melissa Henson: Why TV ratings aren’t helping parents

The latest episode of Fox’s The Following, a sophomore drama about a charismatic serial killer with legions of followers who … Continue reading

28. March 2014 by Marybeth Hicks
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Lori: All a twitter over tweeting

The husband joined Twitter. I coached him. It was like standing behind someone who is deathly afraid of water and … Continue reading

13. April 2013 by Lori Borgman
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Stacy: It’s so easy to trick the mind’s eye

When you see an NRA sign what do you think?  What do you feel when you see the Planned Parenthood … Continue reading

22. January 2013 by Stacy Washington
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Sarah: What are you thankful for?

You may have already seen it on Facebook.  I first noticed it a few years ago myself.  There’s a trend … Continue reading

02. November 2012 by Sarah Maduri
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Marybeth: Technology can’t compare to training when it comes to keeping kids safe

I’ve long forgotten the name that echoed inside the cement block building, but I still recall the panic in the … Continue reading

30. October 2012 by Marybeth Hicks
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