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Marybeth: Offensive prof not what we’re looking for

Most of us up here in East Lansing would give anything right about now for something we could label “offensive,” … Continue reading

17. September 2013 by Marybeth Hicks
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Marybeth: Hijacked by health teacher? Take action!

To: Marybeth From: Annoyed by Unhealthy Questions I’m a freshman in high school. Our health teacher has a policy that … Continue reading

30. May 2013 by Marybeth Hicks
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Lori: If you ‘don’t know,’ find out

With the way things are going, the White House soon will have more scandals than Quaker has oats. The hearings … Continue reading

29. May 2013 by Lori Borgman
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Marijo: Why The IRS Story Now?

As wives, mothers, chauffeurs of small children, etc, it’s hard to stay up on current political events but here’s one … Continue reading

13. May 2013 by Marijo Tinlin
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Lynn: Madison Rising song makes me proud to be an American!

Realizing that I had to stop complaining about the state of our country and actually contribute toward positive change, I … Continue reading

08. February 2013 by Lynn Armitage
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Carol: Michelle Obama’s Bottom and Nancy Reagan’s Smile


An outraged article is running to today at The Washington Post, deploring some ungallant comments regarding  the size of Michelle Obama’s … Continue reading

05. February 2013 by Carol Liebau
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Elizabeth: Abortion by vending machine?

Did you ever think you would see the day when birth control drugs were available in a vending machine? How … Continue reading

04. February 2013 by Elizabeth Vale
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Mary: Why I March

The dynamic in my house shifts  dramatically when one of our clan is absent. A 5-yr old goes to his … Continue reading

29. January 2013 by Mary Gates
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Marybeth: “Gay sin” survey reveals we’re playing God on moral questions

I’m always on the hunt for positive news, there being such consistent media focus on the bad stuff. Most days, … Continue reading

16. January 2013 by Marybeth Hicks
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Carol: Enough With the Anti-Musberger Victimistas

Katherine Webb (pictured immediately to the left), the woman who was at the center of a “controversy” when Brent Musberger … Continue reading

10. January 2013 by Carol Liebau
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Marybeth: Stand with Hobby Lobby for religious liberty

I bought a picture frame on Saturday. It’s just a simple, black, 5-by-7-inch frame with a plain white mat, suitable … Continue reading

09. January 2013 by Marybeth Hicks
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Carol: Women & Guns

Not surprisingly, a recent Pew poll found that women are more likely than men to want gun control.  It’s not … Continue reading

08. January 2013 by Carol Liebau
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Marybeth: The reason for

Greetings, friends! Happy New Year, and welcome back to Since all of the bloggers here are women with families … Continue reading

03. January 2013 by Marybeth Hicks
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Marybeth: Has hell frozen over this December in Michigan?

LANSING, Mich. — This just in: Hell freezes over, pigs fly, Jimmy Hoffa rises from the dead, joins labor protests … Continue reading

12. December 2012 by Marybeth Hicks
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Carol: A Mom’s View of Coming Health Care “Reform”

Anyone who’s a mom understands the almost-irrational anxiety that results from hearing a child cry and then seeing blood gush … Continue reading

06. December 2012 by Carol Liebau
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Marijo: The Death of Chris Christie

Right now, many people continue to speculate on the effect New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s bear hug of President Barak … Continue reading

08. November 2012 by Marijo Tinlin
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