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Lynn: Teach your children (sons) well

This past weekend, my 16-year-old daughter attended her Homecoming dance with her very first date ever. It was an epic … Continue reading

15. October 2013 by Lynn Armitage
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Mary: On Leaning In

Did you hear? Now we’re supposed to lean in. This week, if you’ve been near a TV (something I typically try … Continue reading

14. March 2013 by Mary Gates
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Carol: “Benevolent Sexism” Is Nothing But Chivalry

Yesterday, Emily Efshani Smith had an excellent piece on the Atlantic web site titled “Let’s Give Chivalry Another Chance.”   The … Continue reading

12. December 2012 by Carol Liebau
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Carol: Moms – Is It Possible to “Have It All”? What Does That Even Mean?

As regular readers of “On the Culture” know, I’m a mom and a wife, and also a writer, trained as … Continue reading

02. October 2012 by Carol Liebau
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Carol: Tempest in a Bra Cup?

With all the serious stuff happening in the election and in the world, I hesitated to write about the infamous … Continue reading

21. September 2012 by Carol Liebau
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Ursula: Moms, gonna let your wittle boy play football now?

A new study published online Wednesday from Neurology magazine claims that former NFL players are three times – THREE TIMES! … Continue reading

07. September 2012 by Ursula Hennessey
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