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The Good, Bad and the Bossy


Dear Miss Bossy Pants, You might not remember me, but I was one of the girls you bossed around when … Continue reading

18. March 2014 by Lori Borgman
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Lynn: Teach your children (sons) well

This past weekend, my 16-year-old daughter attended her Homecoming dance with her very first date ever. It was an epic … Continue reading

15. October 2013 by Lynn Armitage
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Sarah: Who’s a Savant?

I recently read an article by Adam Piore about savant syndrome, that rare and mysterious affliction in which someone suffers some … Continue reading

10. May 2013 by Sarah Maduri
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Carol: Discrimination & The Women of Harvard Law School

Update: Presumably in response to this piece, Stephanie Early Green has accused me of “trolling.”   Please feel free to read … Continue reading

10. April 2013 by Carol Liebau
Categories: Education, Feminism, PC Values, Women, Young Adults | 9 comments

Marybeth: New book celebrates our “feminine genius”

I get dozens of books from publishing houses asking me to read and review their titles. As an author myself, … Continue reading

10. April 2013 by Marybeth Hicks
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Carol: ISO “Sexy Farmgirls”?!!!

The accompanying image is a proposed new cover for a three-volume set of LM Montgomery’s beloved “Anne of Green Gables” … Continue reading

11. February 2013 by Carol Liebau
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Elizabeth: Abortion by vending machine?

Did you ever think you would see the day when birth control drugs were available in a vending machine? How … Continue reading

04. February 2013 by Elizabeth Vale
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Carol: Enough With the Anti-Musberger Victimistas

Katherine Webb (pictured immediately to the left), the woman who was at the center of a “controversy” when Brent Musberger … Continue reading

10. January 2013 by Carol Liebau
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Carol: “Benevolent Sexism” Is Nothing But Chivalry

Yesterday, Emily Efshani Smith had an excellent piece on the Atlantic web site titled “Let’s Give Chivalry Another Chance.”   The … Continue reading

12. December 2012 by Carol Liebau
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Carol: Are Romney’s “Binders of Women” Really the Best They’ve Got?

The left is trying to make hay of Mitt Romney’s comments last night about seeking a pool of qualified women … Continue reading

17. October 2012 by Carol Liebau
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Marybeth: Economy, not abortion, worries women most

If it weren’t so obvious, it might be ironic. On Monday, a USA Today/Gallup poll among likely voters in the … Continue reading

17. October 2012 by Marybeth Hicks
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Carol: All Hail Lord Obama, Protector-of-the-LadyParts!

When your campaign pitch sounds like something vaguely reminiscent of a Monty Python sketch (see title above), you’ve got a … Continue reading

03. October 2012 by Carol Liebau
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Ursula: Bike on the Right!

Our neighbors think we’re weird. We don’t own, we rent (and freely admit it), we homeschool, we don’t have air … Continue reading

18. September 2012 by Ursula Hennessey
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Carol: Dems More Pro-Abortion Than Pro-Choice

We have been told repeatedly that President Obama himself intervened to ensure that language invoking God and defining Jerusalem as … Continue reading

06. September 2012 by Carol Liebau
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Stacy: Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor

New Pro Life ads running in Missouri will highlight the compelling story of Melissa Ohden; an outspoken pro life advocate and abortion survivor.  I’ve … Continue reading

31. August 2012 by Stacy Washington
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Lynn: Gotta LOVE her!

What always excites me about the national conventions – both Republican and Democratic – is something Forrest Gump said:  “…You … Continue reading

29. August 2012 by Lynn Armitage
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